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Hello, my name is Amy Lee. I am delighted to be part of the team behind of the Fourth Man Foundation.  I spent the majority of my professional career working intimately with the special needs population of at risk youth and young children.  I hold a BA in Psychology and MS in Marketing from the University of Maryland.  My passion and my drive rest in my core belief, that every child, no matter their background or upbringing, deserves the chance to grow and to be nurtured under God’s Love and Protection.  Growing up as an only child without a strong spiritual footing, Jesus would later become the cornerstone of my identity as an adult.  I see God’s Love through Christ as the Transformative piece that has allowed me to develop and grow into the person I am today.  All Children has a voice, no matter how faint, to be heard and expressed!  The Fourth Man Foundation gives that voice to those who are not heard.   My hope is that the light of Christ through FMF be that Light that penetrates into the darkest of the hearts of those most vulnerable and in need.  We their anchor in the storm!

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