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In 2013 the Fourth Man Foundation, in partnership with its for-profit arm Wealth Building CPA launched a student internship for accounting majors in Prince George’s County.  Initially interns from University of Maryland, College Park, Bowie State University, and Prince George’s Community College were required to complete 150 hours onsite within a four month period. As the program progressed, two significant factors were observed. First, all the student interns were from immigrant communities in Prince George’s County.  As new arrivals to the U.S., participants seemed to lack cultural competencies, which posed professional challenges.  Secondly, the 150 hours of onsite learning did not seem to suffice in bringing student skill sets up to employer standards.   As a result, the Career Readiness Internship Program: Earn, Give, Learn is being proposed in order to enhance the hiring prospects of specific underrepresented minority groups within the accounting field.  This initiative aims to an offer internship training program tailored to the needs of this target group. The program will identify and recruit Prince George’s County students from several postsecondary institutions that are located within the county for a for a one year (320 hour) accounting professional experience. The program will target college students from immigrant communities interested in pursuing accounting careers, as well as building experience and skill sets in the workforce. Special consideration will be given to students residing in TNI neighborhoods. The objective of the internship program is to provide selected candidates the opportunity to earn a stipend, give back to their communities, and learn professional skills. Interns will be placed within small businesses in Prince George’s County (some classified as small disadvantaged businesses, or SDBs), to work on purposeful projects designed to translate accounting theories and principles into real world applications. The program will also stipulate that interns must attend monthly professional development sessions, in which guest speakers explore various topics.  Topics may include navigating career advancement, learning effective communication, providing high-level services to clients, building cultural competencies, and improving work etiquette. As interns develop professionally, it will also be important to encourage community development within Prince George’s County, especially as they become viable contributing members of this region. For that reason, interns will be obligated to participate in a day of service in which they choose a nonprofit or county-sponsored volunteer project to which they can devote their time. We believe that by creating supportive and productive environments in which county students can grow and thrive in their professional endeavors, we are building a pipeline of competent and confident workforce professionals that can contribute greatly to the county’s future. We are currently in collaboration with local and domestic Key stakeholders to make this program a reality.  These stakeholders are small business owners, TNI communities in Price George’s County, College Students, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and Career Coaches.

Throughout the duration of the Career Readiness Internship program, the Fourth Man Foundation has mentored a total of 28 Interns.   A total of 11 Interns out of 28 Interns became full-time employees upon the successful completion of their internship.  We are very happy to see the Interns grow and mature in this process.  Their future is bright and very promising!

The MFCM is an international holistic faith mission, whose vision is to be God’s tool for the discipline, transforming, and empowering of all nations for Christ especially those ones that have not heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are established by the Holy Spirit to plant New Testament indigenous missionary churches in every community on earth where there are no churches through research, integration, contextual power evangelism, cross-cultural discipleship, social action and ‘; community development, economic empowerment of converts and the mission; doing all these in the 10-40 window, Western nations, and the rest of the world.  We plant churches where there are no churches. We have not been disobedient to the heavenly vision to go to nations and people groups without the gospel to transform, empower, and disciple them for Jesus Christ. Do not be left out. Be part of what God is doing through the Millions for Christ Missions.

The Fourth Man Foundation is proud to announce our Kid’s Summer Entrepreneur Program.  Since the inception of our summer program in 2017, FMF has been actively empowering bright minded youth to develop their vision to reach their highest potential as young men and/or women.  It is the ultimate goal of the program to empower and suit our future generation of young men and women with the knowledge they need to become productive citizens of society.  We believe that a child with a strong vision and the right skills will grow into mature and responsible adults.  Each summer, selected kids are asked to participate in the educational program with their parents to engage in a variety of workshops to build their confidence and entrepreneurship talents.   One of our summer workshops we developed in the summer of 2017 is the Foundation of Good Stewardship.  In this workshop, Ebere Okoye, lead a team of talented youth to learning all about the building blocks of money and wealth.  We are so proud of the efforts of these talented young men and women!   A HUGE thank you to our dedicated staff and parents who assisted to the success of this program!

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