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Young Adult Retreat:June 30th – July 2nd, 2023

Register to join the July young Adult retreat for a chance to get away, learn about life, and be still.

You can also win a Business or Scholarship Grant!

Our Young Adult retreat is hosted in 10 locations; in the United States and 9 African Countries. The retreat features Spiritual Exercises that are inspirational.  Each meeting includes topics based on contemporary themes including faith and spirituality. There will be time for rest, prayer, and private reflection; and time for connecting spiritually and socially with others from 18-35 years of age.


The Feast of Guardian Angel Project is a Nigerian based outreach project under the Fourth Man Foundation which is based in USA. It was established to reach out to the less privileged children while teaching them the importance of giving back to the society.  The first recipient orphanage home of this project is called Guardian Angel Motherless Babies Home.

Young Adults Bible Study

Join the Harvest Young Adults for Bible Study Every Wednesday! Build Community, and form more God-centered friendships with peers your age. Join in person or on zoom!
Zoom Link:


Through our connection with the chaplains, FMF is a vital point of contact for individuals in need of spiritual guidance and direction. We have on our existing chaplain staff, a team of dedicated and professionally trained chaplains who provide service outreach and speaking opportunities to our local chapters in the US. They also provide a monthly newsletter for those interested. See below for a live introduction to one of our chaplains.  Our powerful Day of Prayer event was held on May 04, 2017. The Day of Prayer was led by our chaplains on duty who spent the time with our staff in an hour of deep spiritual contemplation and prayer for those in need. Each staff also had an opportunity to put in their individual prayer requests to be prayed over by our chaplains. The power of God’s Love was apparent that day!


Our Winter Volunteer program was a huge success!  The program took place on December 23, 2016.  The program allowed our youth and staff to spend a day volunteering for the cause of Women Who Care Ministries for needy families and youths.  The team of FMF gathered together to assemble food packages for needy children prior to the Christmas holiday season. The event was a delight for the entire team, and it fostered a true spirit of service and compassion for everyone involved.


The FMF has always stood for a strong team of professionals as part of our domestic mission. The goal of Professional Development is to empower our staff with the skills they need to become committed well rounded members of society with a passion for service to their highest calling. As Christ is the foundation of FMF, so it is that each of our team members rests their laurels on that foundation to be more Christ like in our professional and personal life.  The Professional Development program is a weekly meeting, and it meets every Thursday afternoon for an hour. All in all, we are a Team with a shared passion to LOVE.


The Fourth Man Foundation is proud to announce our Kid’s Summer Entrepreneur Program.  Since the inception of our summer program in 2017, FMF has been actively empowering bright minded youth to develop their vision to reach their highest potential as young men and/or women. It is the ultimate goal of the program to empower and suit our future generation of young men and women with the knowledge they need to become productive citizens of society. We believe that a child with a strong vision and the right skills will grow into mature and responsible adults.  Each summer, selected kids are asked to participate in the educational program with their parents to engage in a variety of workshops to build their confidence and entrepreneurship talents. One of our summer workshops we developed in the summer of 2017 is the Foundation of Good Stewardship. In this workshop, Ebere Okoye, lead a team of talented youth to learning all about the building blocks of money and wealth.  We are so proud of the efforts of these talented young men and women!   A HUGE thank you to our dedicated staff and parents who assisted to the success of this program! Take a look for yourself what our Youth of tomorrow has done!


In 2013 the Fourth Man Foundation, in partnership with its for-profit arm Wealth Building CPA launched a student internship for accounting majors in Prince George’s County.  Initially interns from University of Maryland, College Park, Bowie State University, and Prince George’s Community College were required to complete 150 hours onsite within a four month period. As the program progressed, two significant factors were observed.  First, all the student interns were from immigrant communities in Prince George’s County. As new arrivals to the U.S., participants seemed to lack cultural competencies, which posed professional challenges.  Secondly, the 150 hours of onsite learning did not seem to suffice in bringing student skill sets up to employer standards.  As a result, the Career Readiness Internship Program: Earn, Give, Learn is being proposed in order to enhance the hiring prospects of specific underrepresented minority groups within the accounting field.  Throughout the duration of the Career Readiness Internship program, the Fourth Man Foundation has mentored a total of 28 Interns. A total of 11 Interns out of 28 Interns became full-time employees upon the successful completion of their internship. We are very happy to see the Interns grow and mature in this process. Their future is bright and very promising!  Take a Look At Our Interns!

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