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Young Adult Influencers

Do you know a young adult struggling with:

  • Mental health issues: low self-esteem, depression, and aversion to life
  • Relationship issues: being bullied, stuck in abusive relationships, or  lacking real friends and community?
  • Identity questions: having a lack of passion, sound spiritual convictions, good values, or a sense of purpose for life?
As a parent, guardian, or leader who wants the best for the young adults in your life, seeing them struggle with these issues or make poor choices is one of the hardest things to witness. On the one hand, you may have some influence to help them, on the other, you cannot make life decisions for them.
It’s so hard to fear losing connection with your children or the important young people in your life due to not knowing how to relate and connect!
We’ve seen young adults make poor choices (or even be taken advantage of) when overwhelmed by their environment, pressured by peers, or simply not thinking about their future.
We founded our organization with the mission to change this and are already seeing exciting results.
What is the most helpful way to:
  • give them wisdom,
  • guidance, and
  • protect them
From making choices that they could regret for many years?


Our nonprofit organization The Fourthman Foundation knows this situation too well and shares your concerns.


Hi Ebere,

First I want to thank you for the mentoring experience that your organization provided for our young. adults. These kinds of activities are absolutely essential to help the next generation navigate the terrain ahead. I wanted to find out more about what you offer as I know so many who could benefit, including my own son. I noticed a visible difference when he came back.   L.N.

Hi Ebere,
I never got the chance to connect with you at the conference. But I wanted to essentially say thank you. I can never forget how you taught us Sunday after Sunday at ACF. You, single-handedly, made Christ cool in a time when we were all so over our parent’s version of Jesus. Thank you for showing me then what to do now. I mentor all these people with your example in my heart. It was beautiful seeing you and, I hope to see you again next year. God bless you real good. And thank you again.  I. O.


Our Celebrate Program arms young adults with wisdom, community, spiritual support and accountability to help them make awesome choices for their future.


We understand their situation and can truly address the unique challenges that young adults face because we were there once ourselves. Many of our coaches, mentors, and teachers working with the Celebrate Program have been transformed by the love, support, and wisdom that our program exists  to provide.
The reason we’re reaching out to you today is not because we need your support.


We’re inviting you to learn more about our program. We need you to partner with us to reach more young adults by understanding what our mission is, what our program looks like, and introducing us to these young adults.


Our vision is to see lives changed through empowering and enabling them to experience spiritual and heart transformation.
Partner With US!
1) Liason2) Country Coordinator3) Pastor4) Financial Support5) Young Adult Ambassador6) Prayer Partner7) Administrative Support
The Fourthman Celebrate! Program provides online study resources, a monthly live conference, a yearly retreat, one-on-one mentorship, and community through peer-to-peer groups.


We invite you to partner with us in reaching more young people as we change lives through equipping and empowerment. Ultimately, we want you to help us connectthem to a Christ-centered program that can open the door to transformation.


The Program uses these 5 pillars to teach, train, and instruct:
  1. Financial Freedom
  2. Mental Health
  3. Community & Relationships
  4. Spiritual Disciplines
  5. Eternal Perspectives
These five pillars help young adults experience positive change in every area of their lives, leading to young people full of wisdom, standing, and in favor with God and others. We want to unleash the next generation of leaders; leaders who make godly decisions, serve others, and go on to teach others to do the same.


If you’d like to know more about the program in detail or want to know how we can help the young adults in your life and community, share your interest by filling out the form:
What is the most important issue you want to address with your young adult?

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