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Five Steps to Financial Freedom

Can you really turn your financial life around?  If you are like most people, your finances are far from perfect.  Whether it is credit card debt, living from paycheck to paycheck, an out-of-control budget, or the lack of a retirement…

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Save and Invest

Saving money means setting money aside for future spending. It is a form of deferred consumption. It is not smart to spend all the money one makes without setting money aside for emergency or future use. There are many reasons…

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Get Rid of Debts

What is Debt? Debt is an obligation that requires one party (the debtor) to pay money or other agreed-upon value to another party (the creditor). Debt may impact your journey to financial freedom because it increases your liability and therefore,…

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Increase Your Net Worth

What is Net Worth? Net worth is assets minus liabilities. Simply put, it is what you owe subtracted from what you own. An asset is anything of value or a resource of value that can be converted into cash, while…

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