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Celebrate Recovery -THE 24 ACRONYMS-PART 1


  1. DENIAL- Disables our feelings -Energy lost -Negates growth -Isolates us from God -Alienates us from our relationships -Lengthens the pain
  2. POWERLESS- Pride -Only ifs –Worry -Escape -Resentment –Loneliness –Emptiness –Selfishness -Separation.
  3. HOPE- Higher Power -Openness to change -Power to change -Expect to change
  4. SANITY – Strength –Acceptance -New Life –Integrity -Trust -Your Higher Power
  5. TURN- Trust –Understand –Repent -New life
  6. ACTION: Accept – Commit – Turn it over – It’s only the beginning – One day at a time – Next step
  7. SPONSOR: Why you need a sponsor/accountability partner
  8. MORAL: Make time – Open – Rely – Analyze–List
  9. INVENTORY: The Person – The Cause -The Effect- The Damage -My Part
  10. SPIRITUAL INVENTORY (PART 1):-Relationship with others -Priorities In Life -Attitude -Integrity
  1. SPIRITUAL INVENTORY (PART 2): -Your Mind -Your Body -Your Family -Your Church
  2. CONFESS: Confess your shortcomings – Obey God’s direction – No more guilt – Face the truth – Ease the pain – Stop the blame -Start accepting God.



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