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Celebrate Recovery – 24 ACRONYMS- PART 2


  1. ADMIT: -Why Admit My Wrongs?
  2. READY: Release control – Easy does it – Accept the change – Do replace your character defects- Yield to the growth
  3. VICTORY: Voluntarily submit – Identify character defects – Change your mind – Turn over character defects – One day at a time – Recovery is a process – You must choose to change
  4. AMENDS: Admit the hurt and the harm – Make a list – Encourage one another – Not for them – Do it at the right time – Start living the promises of recovery
  5. FORGIVENESS: have you accepted God’s forgiveness? forgiven others? and forgiven yourself?
  6. GRACE: God’s gift – Received by our faith – Accepted by God’s love – Christ paid the price – Everlasting gift
  7. CROSSROADS: Take time to do a daily inventory –Evaluate the good and the bad parts of our day –Need to admit your wrong promptly.
  8. DAILY INVENTORY: Ongoing –Daily -Periodic
  9. RELAPSE: Reserve a daily quiet time – Evaluate – Listen to Jesus – Alone and quiet time – Plug in to God’s power – Slow down – Enjoy your growth
  10. GRATITUDE: Be Thankful For –Others -your Recovery –Your Church
  11. GIVE: God first – I become we-Victories shared – Example of your actions
  12. YES-: Yield myself to God – Example is what is important – Serve others as Jesus Christ did
  13. WE GET STUCK: As you complete your journey to recovery……………
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