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Fear Not

Fear is that sour pie that ironically everyone takes a bite of, very often. Fear is a plague common with man. 

A father came to watch his 6-year-old who was taking swimming classes. On coming in and watching his son a bit, he felt like cooling off underwater. Plus, to show his little hydrophobic boy that more than half of the human body is water and so water does not sting. Thankfully, he heeded the wife’s advice to take his swimsuit. As he attired himself in his kit, he made to dive into the turquoise blue water but stopped on his track. Sitting gingerly on the edge of the pool, he reached out with the tip of his right toe to test the water first. 

“So, you do that too, Superman?” His boy was right over his shoulders, with a sarcastic smile. 

A popular comedian gave the reason newly born babies cry immediately after birth. He opined that it is for the fright of the harsh reality of their new world! From the cradle to the cold grave, life’s threatening situations will always live with us. Life is full of turbulence and uncertainties. From our early years, life gives us icy cold portions to mouth. From our immediate families to our friends, and to our environment, the fearful whirlwind has always blown all around us. The media, not saving the day in any way, has not ceased to flood our minds with fear-inducing thoughts. In fact, what sells in the media is fear! As subtle as it seems, our world seems to be ruled by panics. It presents itself in different coveralls, and at the end of the day, everyone is afraid of something. Consequently, as Les Brown asserts, “Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears”

But we can glean wisdom from the Bible, God’s higher thoughts, on how to deal with every subject, including fear. Prophet Isaiah speaking in Isaiah 41:14 gave a piece of advice, ” Fear not, you worm Jacob, You men of Israel! I will help you,” says the LORD And your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel.

So, even if you feel as weak as a worm and no match for your giant that towers high before you, there is still no biblical justification to give in to fear. You should never still cower back in the face of uncertainty and likely gloom.

Jairus, a ruler of the synagogue came to Jesus the Master, asking Him to come and heal his near-dead daughter. On the way, news came to them that the daughter had eventually died.

As soon as Jesus heard the word spoken, He said to the ruler of the synagogue, “Do not be afraid; only believe.” Mark 5:36. 

Why did Jesus say that? That is because fear can hinder us from receiving all of God’s best and blessings for us. This brings to mind a disciple of Jesus, Peter, who was walking on the water despite the storm but only began to sink when he took his eyes of Jesu, focused on the storm and became afraid, and gave in to doubt. (Mathew14:29-31) 

You must have seen Tag Team Wrestling Championship. In this contest, one wrestler is on the ring and his team player is outside. Perhaps the guy outside is bulky and hulky. Can take out anything easily. And the one inside is not as tough. The fighter in the ring can get relieved only when he makes a palm-to-palm contact with his tag team partner. 

How about seeing God as your tag team partner and you are on the same team? 

Think of all that can cause fear and anxiety, maybe medical reports, bills, job challenges, health of a child, you may even be in trouble that may never seem to go away. God can give you peace amid that storm, and with faith in him there is always a way. 

Like you know, when that tired wrestler in the ring, has come to his wits’ end, no matter how he writhes and whimpers in pain, till he manages to stretch out and hit his teammate on the palm, he might as well be beaten to a bloody pulp. 

We can always reach out to God in sincere heartfelt prayer of faith. In prayer, we can cast our cares upon him, and rely on His power to deliver us. His voice reassures our failing heart and birth in us courage.

And good a thing too, we must not come to a point in life where we are almost down and out before we start screaming “Help!” We can always cast out fears, cares, and anxious thoughts to God in prayer and trust Him. He can fix those issues we cannot fix for ourselves. 

Now if you are yet to get into God’s team and come into a vital relationship with Him, you can begin here and now. God does not just want to be your creator but your Father!

So, whether your fears seem to be well-founded or not, you can trust in the Lord as you pray and not lean on your own methods. Situations will always arise to induce fear in us. But even though you do not know tomorrow, it feels safe to know you have in you One who has the future all planned out for you. So, you can rest on His love and care, not pushing the panic button but knowing God has you covered.

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