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Fourthman Foundation Outreach Report – 3rd Quarter 2016


Name of Orphanage Home: Guardian Angel Motherless Babies Home.

Project Title:  Feast of the Guardian Angel

Date: 2 October 2016.

Project Objective: To reach out to the less privileged children, showing them love and teaching them the culture of giving back to the society


Engr. Iroakazi Nnamdi            Team leader

Dr. Joyce Ijeoma                     Assistant team leader.

Mrs. Amara Okorie                 Purchasing officer

Hilary Ugochukwu                  Media man


Having successfully concluded the launch of the feast of the Guardian Angel project in the 2nd quarter of 2016, by the USA based representatives, it is now time for our next quarterly outreach to the home.

We received a call from the USA Coordinator Mrs. Ebere Okoye, Who gave us the details of the project and what the objective was as stated above. We in Nigeria were also instructed to build a budget for the visitation and outreach. Majority of our deliberations were through Facebook chat group which was created particularly for this purpose

The Nigerian team had her first official meeting on September 18, 2016, to put together a budget for the visit, and decide on means of transportation to Enugu. Our budget this time included food items which will also be beneficial to the care givers and workers in the orphanage home. This budge twas presented to the USA coordinator, and some adjustments were made before approval and release of funds. The purchases were made in Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria were the team members are resident, and we hired a van to convey us and the item to the orphanage home in Enugu State, on the day of the visit.


The 3rd quarter outreach to Guardian Angel Mother less babies home was executed by the Nigerian team on the 2nd of October 2016.

We took off from Owerri Imo State arrived the orphanage home in Enugu with our materials and food items as usual to minister to the kids.

We were received by the matron of the orphanage who informed us that coincidentally, there was a religious program going on in the orphanage at the time of our arrival, and as a result we could not spend as much time with the kids as we had hoped to.

However she explained that it was a blessing that our chosen day of visitation coincided with this particular event and that the children will be happy to have received our gifts after the program

We insisted that we would still love to meet with and interact with some of the kids and their care givers. This was granted, and it was to these that we presented our gifts. Indeed the children were quite excited most especially that we came on that particular day. We interacted with them before we presented the gifts

During the launch of this project by our USA Sponsors, that had met a child who had a fracture, and during the planning phase they wanted us to find out how this Child was doing. Upon inquiry, we were informed that the child had finally died. This to us was an indication that we will eventually have to get involved in the medical needs of the kids in the orphanage home.

We hope that subsequent visits we will have some more time to spend with the kids.


  • We will need to get involved with the medical needs of the children in the home.
  • Our Gifts focussed more on the needs of the children; subsequently it will be good also to put into consideration the care givers of these children.

Iroakazi Nnamdi.
Fourth Man Foundation Representative


1 Rice 3 bags
2 Pampers 10 packs
3 Beans Half bag
4 Baby Milk 6 Cartons
5 Ogbono 1 paint
6 Egusi 3 Paints
7 Fresh Fish 1 Cartons
8 Maggi cubes 1 Carton
9 Garri Half Bag
10 Groundnut oil 1 Gallon
11 Palm oil 1Gallon
12 Cray Fish 1 Bag
13 Tin Tomatoes 1 Carton
14 Pepper 1 Paint
15 Adult milk and Milo 2 Bags


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