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Fourthman Foundation Outreach Report – 4th Quarter 2016


Name of Orphanage Home: Guardian Angel Motherless Babies Home.

Project Title:  Feast of the Guardian Angel

Date of Outreach: Thursday 29, December 2016.

Project Objective: To reach out to the less privileged children, showing them love and teaching them the culture of giving back to the society.


Engr. Iroakazi Nnamdi            Team leader

Mrs. Joy                                  purchasing officer

Hilary Ugochukwu                  Media man


Once again, we began panning for the 4th quarter 2016 outreach. This time we decided to try making our purchases in Enugu instead of Owerri. This necessitated the recruitment of an Enugu based purchasing officer Mrs Joy, as a part of the team. She handled the purchasing of the items in Enugu State, while we joined her from Imo State, on the day of the visitation.

Because Mrs. Joy could not be in our meeting in person we had to create a chat group on WhatsApp where everyone involved in the project both locally and internationally could make their contributions, or suggestions.


During the execution of the fourth quarter outreach to the guardian angel orphanage home, some of the USA based, sponsors were supposed to join us for the visit but their flight was delayed in Cameroon due to bad weather conditions, so we had to proceed without them.

We were received by a new acting matron of the orphanage home sister Silverline, she informed us of the death of the matron of the orphanage Sister Lucy, who received us last time. She died during a surgery.

We had interactions with the care givers about the kids, and their welfare. We asked what happens to the kids as they grow older and we also wanted to know if adoption was permitted. They told us that most of the kids grow up to become reverend fathers and sisters in the Catholic Church; adoption was not permitted due to negative experiences in the past, except when a trusted family is involved. We also asked about the education of the children, they said only those who are granted scholarships by willing sponsors get to attend schools.

This was an indication to us of another area of need. Educational scholarships.

On this particular visit, It was Christmas season, so the kids sang to us some Christmas songs they had learnt, we spent some time with them and we prayed for them and spoke words of blessing of over them and presented the gifts.

We proceeded to see the babies under 8 months old, who were kept in a different session. We were told that they feed strictly on baby milk since their mothers are not available to breast feed them. They also thanked us for the cartons of baby milk we brought saying that it will go a long way to feed the babies. The matron went further to explain to us that because of the high cost of baby food most visitors to the orphanage home hardly buy baby milk, and as a result some of the babies were under fed. The team was glad at this sound of this because during the planning phase we actually felt the cartons of baby milk we budgeted for was too much, this was because during our last visit we did not have the opportunity to see these babies between 1-8months we only saw the grown kids. But now when we saw the number of motherless babies who will be depending strictly on milk, we were glad we bought that much, and we decided we have to also buy more baby food in subsequent visits.

We encouraged the care givers to do their best and keep caring for the children from their hearts and promised them that Fourth Man Foundation will do her best to keep supporting them.


  • We will subsequently buy more baby milk
  • We also need to consider how to get at least some of the kids into school, through educational scholarships.
  • Educational toys can also be bought for the children in the home, to help sharpen their intelligence as they grow.
  • It will also be good to get some clothes for the children both babies and grown kids, as most them appear not be properly clothed


  • First quarter 2017 outreach
  • Consideration of educational scholarships
  • Activation of medical support for special need kids.

Iroakazi Nnamdi

Fourth Man Foundation Representative.




1 Rice 4 bags
2 Pampers 10 packs
3 Beans Half bag
4 Baby Milk 10 Cartons
5 Baby food cereals 5 cartons
6 Fresh Fish 1 Cartons
7 Groundnut oil 1 Gallon
8 Palm oil 1Gallon
9 Cray Fish 1 Bag
10 Adult milk 5 cartons
11 Toiletries  
12 Kitchen spices  
13 Tubers of yam 20
16 Cray fish 1 bag
17 Indomie 10 cartons
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