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Fourthman Foundation Outreach Report – 4th Quarter 2017


Name of Orphanage Home: Guardian Angel Motherless Babies Home.

Project Title:  Feast of the Guardian Angel, 4TH Quarter 2017, Outreach

Date of Outreach: December 20, 2017.

Project Objective: To reach out to the less privileged children, showing them love and teaching them the culture of giving back to the society. And in this particular project we also want them to share in the celebration of Christmas


Engr. Iroakazi Nnamdi            Team leader

Dr. Joyce Ijeoma                     Assistant Team Leader

Hilary Ugochukwu                  Media man

Mrs. Joy                                  Co-coordinator


The fourth quarter 2017 outreach planning began in October 2017. The CEO of fourthman foundation suggested that in addition to the regular visitation to the orphanage we also include a Christmas party for the outreach, such that the children will also partake of the celebrations of the season.

We engaged the service of Mrs. Joy who worked with the Team Leader to coordinate the Christmas Party. The party will feature, Costume Characters, Santa Claus, each child will also receive a Christmas gift, and we will make food and drinks available for all the children and the care givers in the orphanage. The Team Leader called the Matron in charge of the orphanage to get their approval, the Matron also informed us that there are about forty kids in the home and fifteen care givers.

The CEO also created a Face book Fund Raiser Page, to raise funds for the outreaches.  The response of people was very encouraging.

A budget was drawn up both for the Party and for the items that will be bought for the orphanage home,

We also decided to implement a previous recommendation to produce branded vests for the foundation. We concluded we will produce six branded vests for the team members to wear during the outreach.


On the set date for the outreach, the team visited the home to carry out the outreach. The Christmas party commenced by 12noon.

The children were all dressed and ready to have fun. There was dance singing, refreshments, presentation of gifts, ect. Evidently they were all happy especially to receive the gifts individually.

After the part we also went into the session were babies one to nine months were cared for.

We met a new born baby who was just about two weeks old, her name is Chinelo, some of the kids have really grown from the last time we saw them.

We also enquired about the progress of Mary, the baby who had congenital mixed palsy and has been on paediatric physiotherapy.

The doctor and consultant attending to her case was supposed to be around during the outreach to give us feed backs but he could not make it. However from observation, it appears that not much progress has been made from the last time we saw the baby girl. The team leader spoke with the doctor on phone and he said that we must understand that because of the nature of her case, responding to the therapy may take a while, and that with just four months of administering the therapy, it was too soon to determine the result.

From the team leaders discussion with the matron, there are two options we could choose to continue with the therapy and give it more time, or as the matron suggested the baby could be taken to a handicapped peoples home. The matter will be concluded once the team leader speaks with the consultant one on one.

We stayed a while with the little babies after which we got feedbacks from the matron about the children’s response to the event. She expressed great appreciation to the fourthman foundation for making that day memorable for the orphanage home.

The matron thanked the fourth Man foundation team, for the good work, and prayed that God continued to enable us to do better.


  • As we expand and grow, the Fourthman foundation may also need reach to more homes and be a blessing to other less privileged children in other homes.


  • First Quarter outreach 2018.
  • Final decision on the course of action for Mary.
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