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Fourthman Foundation Nigeria Outreach Project – 3rd Quarter 2018


Name of Orphanage Home: Guardian Angel Motherless Babies Home.

Project Title:  3RD Quarter 2018, Outreach

Date of Outreach: September, 2018.

Project Objective: To reach out to the less privileged children, showing them love and teaching them the culture of giving back to the society. And in this particular project we also want them to share in the celebration of Easter.


Engr. Iroakazi Nnamdi            Team leader

Dr. Joyce Ijeoma                     Assistant Team Leader


In this quarter we began again to look into the medical condition of Mary, the baby girl in the Orphanage home diagnosed of congenital cerebral palsy. In our previous outreaches, we had engaged the services of a physiotherapist, but after about six months of the therapy we noticed that the progress was quite slow. So we decided to hold on and seek for a more effective solution.

During our Second Quarter outreach we had considered some options like taking her to an orthopaedic home, but after our search for such a home we could not find a good one. The one we eventually found had reached their capacity and could not admit any other patient.

The USA representative of the Foundation, Mrs. Ebere Okoye created a facebook chat group where we had people who were experienced in handling such cases share their opinions and recommendations with us. We also had on the group a mother who had a child born with cerebral palsy.

Various options were considered and we were also enlightened on the best was to help the child.

We were made to understand that the Regular Physiotherapy was the best option for her; it was however pointed out that the therapy must be long term as it will not yield immediate results. So we concluded that we will engage the services of a physiotherapist again, and this time plan to give it time.


The USA representative gave me the contact of her friend Dr. Udo Anyehie who works in University Teaching Hospital Enugu. I discussed the case with her and she also made the same recommendation, and gave me the contact of a Paediatrics Physiotherapist who works with National Orthopaedic Hospital Enugu.

I spoke with the Doctor and he promised to visit the home, see the child and access the situation and then get back to me.

After his visit, we concluded our negotiations and we decide to engage his services. He is presently attending to the child at least three times a week and also instructing the caregivers in the orphanage on the best ways to help the child

As recommended during our last visit, we have also constructed a chair to aid the process, (see picture) other equipments will be constructed as we proceed.

While we gave greater part of the attention to Mary we didn’t also leave out the other kids. We bought materials for them as we usually do, though our budget this time was lesser than usual because we spent part of our resources caring for Mary.


  • Considering the difficulty we faced in finding an orthopaedic home for Mary, we will need to consider embarking on a project of establishing such a centre for special need children,
  • As we expand and grow, the Fourthman foundation may also need reach to more homes and be a blessing to other less privileged children in other homes.


  • 4TH Quarter outreach and Christmas party.

Engr. Iroakazi Lnamdi.

Team Leader,

Fourthman foundation, Nigeria.

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