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Fourthman Foundation Outreach Report – 4th Quarter 2018


Name of Orphanage Home: Guardian Angel Motherless Babies Home.

Project Title:  Feast of the Guardian Angel, 4TH Quarter 2018, Outreach and Christmas party

Date of Outreach: December 20, 2018.

Project Objective: To reach out to the less privileged children, show them love and care, put smiles on their faces during the Christmas period.


Engr. Iroakazi Nnamdi            Team leader

Hilary Ugochukwu                  Media man

Mrs. Joy Onyeka                     Co-coordinator


The fourth quarter 2018 outreach planning commenced in November. As we did last, we also planned to host a Christmas party for the children in the orphanage.

Our Christmas part coordinator, Mrs. Joy who worked with the Team last year was contacted and engaged. As usual, the party was to feature, Costume Characters, Santa Claus, each child will also receive a Christmas gift. However the orphanage matron informed us that due some bad experience they had, they decided that no group will be permitted to bring cooked food for the kids. So we concluded that its best they gave us a budget for food for the staff and kids in the orphanage and we foot the bill for the food.

We were also restricted from bringing in our own music DJ as we did last time, they insisted we use their own music which we did.

We also bought the usual materials and food items for the orphanage home.

In this same quarter we began plans to officially register the foundation with Corporate Affairs Commission Nigeria. To this end, we engaged the services of a Lawyer to commence the registration process.

A Facebook Fund Raiser Page, was created to raise funds to support the outreaches, although the return was not as expected, nevertheless Fourthman Foundation funded the outreach.


 On the 20th day of December 2018 we executed the outreach as planned. Although the matron was not available we worked with her assistant. The Christmas party commenced by 12noon.

We also took out time a check up on Mary the child with a congenital cerebral palsy. In the third quarter of 2018 we engaged the services a physiotherapy who has been working on her. She was doing well. We remain hopeful that she will respond much more to the therapy.

The orphanage management also prepared the food as planned and distributed to all the children. After the kids dance and cut the Christmas cake, each child received a gift from Santa Claus.

We presented the gifts to the orphanage management and went in to see the babies. The event ended by 2pm, after which we prayed for the kids and took our leave.


  • As we expand and grow, the Fourthman foundation may also need reach to more homes and be a blessing to other less privileged children in other homes.


  • First Quarter outreach 2019.
  • Continuation of Mary’s Therapy.

Reported by: Engr. Iroakazi Nnamdi.

Team Leader: Fourthman Foundation, Nigeria.

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