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Fourthman Foundation Outreach Project – 3rd Quarter 2019


Name of Orphanage Home: Guardian Angel Motherless Babies Home.

Project Title:  Feast of the Guardian Angel, 3RD Quarter 2019, Outreach

Date of Outreach: October 18TH, 2019

Project Objective: To reach out to the less privileged children, show them love and care


Engr. Iroakazi Nnamdi, Team leader


Our 3rd Quarter 2019 outreach planning began in the month of September, and as usual budgets were prepared and forwarded to the president of the foundation for Approval.

We had also planned with Mary’s physiotherapist to be around during this outreach so that we could get updates and possibly witness a therapy session for the child. Our contract with him was also renewed for another 3months in this Quarter.


 Due to some issues with logistics we couldn’t carry out the outreach on the decided. We had to reschedule to a day after the pre-planned date. We executed the outreach as planned. This time we could not see the matron as she was out on official duties, but we were received by the caregivers in the orphanage home.

Due to the change in Date, the physiotherapist could not be around as planned, but he sent us a video clip of the updates with the therapy of Mary.

We were informed of progress with the therapy, the baby who had begun to do certain things by herself without support could be seen in the video sitting up on her own without support for longer periods of time than before, and she is becoming much more sensitive and responsive to her environment . According to the Physiotherapist, the next phase he wants to focus on will be to get her to walk on her own, he informed the representatives of the Fourthman Foundation about  the apparatus that will be needed for this phase, and we will work towards it.

We came with food items and baby care materials, which we presented to the care givers for the kids and we took our leave.


  • 4TH Quarter outreach 2019.
  • Christmas Party
  • Continuation of Mary’s Therapy

Reported by: Engr. Iroakazi Nnamdi.

Team Leader: Fourthman Foundation, Nigeria.

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